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We are your one-stop business solutions partner for all your business needs.

We pride ourselves as a leading Sudanese business and marketing solutions company that not only caters to understand your challenges and advise you, but rather sit with you and figure out actual effective solutions that gets you running up and ahead. Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

IT Consulting 90%
Media Production 80%
Managed IT Service 90%
 We are your one-stop business solutions partner for all your  business needs.


Years Experience

5 +

Years Helping Business

40 +


300 +

Complete Projects

40 K+

5 Stars Rating

Team Member

Expert Team

Ahmed Yahia

Chairman, CEO

Dr. Wajdi Wagealla

Business Development Consultant

Salah A.Mahomoud

Media Producer & Director

Eman Berkia

Media & Marketing Consultant

Mubarak Elagib

Senior Software Developer

Abdallah Gally

Legal Advisor

Ola Khojali

Marketing Officer

Ahmed M.Abdallah

Operation Manager

Abdalaziz Abdalmonem

Social Media Specialist

Marwan Mohamed

Graphic Designer

Aboubakr Aljuneidy


Muiz Zuhair

Media Production

Tsabeeh Awad Osman


Hiba Esam Aldeen

Graphic Designer

Meaad Salah

Social Media Specialist

Masara Makky

Documentation Officer

Afag Gafer

Archiving Officer

Mutwakil Fath

Social Media Specialist

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To build strong long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability and efficiency with a customer-focused mindset and continuously finding innovative ways to provide great value and simpler solutions that fulfills your needs.